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Onecoin Alternative Currency to Fiat Dollar

Alternative currency to dollars and other Fiat currencies.

There is a good option out there and it’s the crypto currency OneCoin, which is completely free from regulation by central banks and the value is controlled by the market – it is a digital currency.

If you are not familiar with crypto-currency and what it is, then maybe you have heard of Bitcoin – am I right? It is the world’s first crypto-currency and was developed in 2009.

Those who joined Bitcoin when it was new on the market are now multi-millionaires. In the beginning, Bitcoin was not worth more than 0.10 U.S. dollars, and it increased to a maximum value of 1200 dollars when the economic crisis in Cyprus was at its worst. People fled to Bitcoin since the banks began seizing the money from their bank accounts. Now the value is approximately 400 dollars. Onecoin currency has benefits that Bitcoin does not have.

Bitcoin is used more and more for rogue and illegal purposes by drug dealers and others who want to hide their business. Therefore it has been banned in Vietnam, Russia, India, Ecuador, Bolivia, Bangladesh and China where Bitcoin is prohibited from financial institutions, but is still legal for individuals., since it is not traceable and every user is completely anonymous.

The Onecoin currency is an alternative fiat currency, but also Bitcoin money.

Onecoin is not a copy of Bitcoins but rather an improved encryption currency that is more advanced and has more reliable algorithm benefits (SCRIPT). For example, Onecoin is the only crypto-currency that is traceable, which means that it will be accepted by banks and other financial institutions. So even if someone was to access your information, the hacker can be traced. If you have Bitcoins and someone comes across your information, such as your password, you lose everything. The best thing about OneCoin is that you can become one of those who signed up at the beginning of this alternative currency developments and watch it rise in value like Bitcoin did.

The Onecoin currency is only worth a few dollars today and has been around since the fall of 2014 but it was only in 2015 that it really took off. If ou want to be on this amazing trip, do not miss this opportunity. It’s easy to sign up and become part of this alternative currency with the Onecoin membership. Of all the approximately 600 crypto-currencies,

Onecoin is already the second largest – right behind Bitcoin.

It already has 670,000 members worldwide (November 2015) and when in the future it is released to the public, pretty much anyone can figure out what will happen to the can at least count on what will happen with the rate.

Look around on this website (alternative currency.net), read the information and watch videos. It’s easy to become a member and you don’t need any previous knowledge, it is very simple once you see how it is structured and how you should proceed. All those who become members can log onto the Onecoin Admin panel and read even more information, download the PDF and see photos and video, etc. You can also check out how the whole system is organized and how it works.

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